NEW Reverse Osmosis System (For Use with Ionizer)


Many people are beginning to consider that the ideal water cleaning system would combine the purity of Reverse Osmosis (RO) and the tremendous benefits provided by alkaline, ionized water. Historically, difficult to pair the two technologies, the experts at AlkaViva have created the perfect solution. Now you can have perfectly clean and perfectly healthy water! (Rated for 1000 gals).

More protection. RO membranes only get up to 97% of the toughest contaminants. Our new membrane reduces up to 99.995%!
Longer lasting. Less ongoing replacement cost. A superior membrane increases life from two to four years!
Broad-spectrum remineralization. Get 70+ trace minerals in addition to calcium and magnesium. Tested. Eco-friendly. Safe.
Improved mineralization. Cation exchange technology improves contaminant reduction and increases mineral uptake.
Better flow rates. Larger tank. Get more variation and performance from your ionizer with more flow and more water.
Dimensions: Tank Height (including stand and valve): 17 inches, Diameter: 12 inches- Tank Size: 5 Gallons. RO Module: Height: 18 inches – Width: 15 inches – Depth: 5 inches

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